Be brave, my love
The time has come
To cross the Tintagel Sea
The fragrant air, the apple blossoms
Have all been beckoning
And there we'll stand
Looking out upon the world that we've known
All fear will be gone
When we reach the shores of Avalon.

-Tina Malia


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You have made it here to our shores, you are ready to step into the barge, part the mists, and begin your personal journey of healing and transformation.  Alchemy of Avalon is a place where tea, herbal remedies, and perfumes, both medicinal and magickal, sensuously synergize to guide you toward a healthier, more intuitive version of yourself. 

Our purpose is to create an "Avalon" for our modern-day world: a place where healing wisdom, music and the arts, ritual and divination, and creative rebirth are revered...a community that supports one another in turning the "base metals" of our lives into "gold" at any time...where we are yet again in tune with the turning of the seasons, while envisioning a future alive with sustainable use of modern knowledge.  We wish to take you to a place where time runs differently, to feel synchronicity and a sense of purpose in determining your personal quest...and perhaps, to see the Lady of the Lake stretch forth Her hand and remind you that all the magic you'll ever need already lies within.

About Suzanne...


Once Upon a Time, in a tea shop far, far away (New York City, to be exact), Alchemy of Avalon owner Suzanne O'Gara was working at a tea shop on St. Marks Place, creating a custom blend for a customer, under a Full Moon in Virgo.  The customer asked if she was the owner of the shop, and in that moment, wishing that she was, the idea for Alchemy of Avalon was born.  

Before this, while pursuing a career in opera and musical theater (AND while taking bellydance from a hobby to the professional level, too) Suzanne had the opportunity to work in - and learn a great deal from - two well-known teahouses in New York City: Alice's Teacup, and Sympathy for the Kettle.  It was at Alice's that she initially learned a great deal about tea and herbs, and at SFTK that she deepened that knowledge and was greatly inspired by owner Jodi Holiday's philosophy, "Save the World With Tea". 

And so, in the midst of her Saturn Return (also in Virgo, sign of healing and female independence...), Suzanne decided to listen to her intuition, ditch the highly competitive world of an aspiring singer in NYC, and followed the intoxicating trail of orange blossom scented air all the way to Arizona, to study Western Herbalism under JoAnn Sanchez at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe.  After graduating in early 2011, she dove back into professional bellydance (see before launching Alchemy of Avalon's first website in October of 2012.  

Since then, she has grown both businesses, found and married the love of her life, gained an amazing stepson and given birth to a most beautiful and magical faerie of a daughter, and has also begun to teach voice again.  Recently, Suzanne and Alchemy of Avalon LLC have been hired to design the tea menu and apothecary for the upcoming cafe space at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Constantly dreaming about running off to the mystical sites of Glastonbury, Avebury, Ireland, and more, Suzanne is an active member of the Sisterhood of Avalon and currently practices her very "tea-and-potions-and-bellydance" brand of witchcraft both alone and with her family.  Stay tuned for her upcoming blog, "The Tea Witch: Inspiring Incantation and Spellbinding Snark".